Our Greenbelt Group Statement

As a residents group we have written a Key statement. This includes a lot of the points and observations which everyone has already made and shared on the Facebook group – along with key findings which have been made whilst reviewing the draft plans in depth.

The Group Statement is available here, please feel free to share on both Facebook and Twitter

A summary of this key statement is available to read – Please can you to let us know that you support this by simply emailing us to say “I support the group statement” to dronfieldgreenbelt@outlook.com

Regards our Response to the NEDDC Draft Local Plan February 2017

We ask every single council member and member of the planning team at NEDDC to read this group statement carefully and give due consideration its full content. Dronfield residents have worked extremely hard to consider all options for responsible planning in our District; something we feel NEDDC has failed to do in this iteration of the Local Plan.

We ask NEDDC to take heed of the evidence presented in section 2.1 (How much new housing is actually needed in the district?) where we have analyzed the data from the Strategic Housing Market Assessment. We assert that the housing need for the district has been over-estimated and that 25-35% LESS NEW HOUSING IS REQUIRED than has been stated in the Local Plan.

NEDDC must take into account that Dronfield has accommodated a massively higher percentage increase in population over the last 60 years (179%) compared to Derbyshire County (including the city of Derby) as a whole (23%) and Clay Cross (8%) over the same time period. As such, the relative amount of housing to supporting infrastructure is already at, or over, a maximum sustainable level.

We ask NEDDC to take into account as material considerations ALL our concerns (both in this statement and in responses received from individuals) regarding loss of Green Belt land, countryside and green spaces for housing or industrial development.

We ask NEDDC to take into account as material considerations ALL our concerns (both in this statement and in responses received from individuals) regarding sustainability and infrastructure, including without omissions:

Green Infrastructure, Dronfield’s Railway Station, Road Infrastructure, Traffic Congestion and Road Safety, Public Transport, Primary and Secondary Schooling, Medical Services, Policing and Banking Facilities, Accessibility to Services and Other Amenities

We ask NEDDC to apply much more creative thinking in the next iteration of their local plan and to consider how they could bring about more brownfield regeneration across the district and to explore all avenues of funding to bring this about. We ask them to set up a Brownfield Register as a matter of urgency.

We ask NEDDC to fulfil its Duty of Co-operation with Neighbouring Councils and to work with Sheffield City and Chesterfield Borough Council in particular, to help provide for any unmet housing need in NE Derbyshire and to bring about responsible home-building and industrial development across the region

We ask NEDDC to drastically reduce the housing allocation for Dronfield in the next iteration of the Local Plan, and to plan any development ON BROWNFIELD SITES ALONE.

We ask NEDDC to adopt a much more cohesive and responsible planning approach, and to draw up a Comprehensive Infrastructure Plan, in timely fashion, alongside the next iteration of their Local Plan.

We ask NEDDC to proactively engage with all types of developers and smaller building businesses in their planning process, not just large scale developers who have owned Green Belt land for years waiting for an opportunity to make big profits at the expense of our countryside, and the health and happiness of present and future generations.

Dr Lynne Gadsden BSc (Hons) Pharmacy, PhD on behalf of the Dronfield Green Belt Residents’ Group