Our Concerns

  • No consideration is given to how our infrastructure will cope.
  • This will affect our traffic, our school places, doctors appointments and parking in our town.
  • This will merge our town with surrounding settlements and change Dronfield as we know it.
  • The plan also includes 15 acre extension of Callywhite Industrial Estate. This means more HGVs and commercial traffic.
  • The Greenbelt land the District Council wants to be build on is quality land with green recreation spaces, footpaths linking to the Dronfield 2000 rotary walk, arable farmland and swathes of mature trees and hedgerows.
  • It is not necessary to use Dronfield’s Greenbelt to meet housing need for the district. There are 731 vacant homes and brownfield sites across the district that could be regenerated instead. 133 of those vacant homes, that the District Council have done nothing to bring back into use, are in Dronfield.