KL1 & KL2

Land off Westthorpe Road and Land off Rotherham Road, Killamarsh

The Inspector has not indicated any main modifications to these two Green Belt sites in her interim report, to which the Council allocated 330 and 70 houses respectively. Developers submitted a planning application for 397 houses at the Westthorpe site in October 2018. Despite being tremendously busy preparing for the hearing sessions in November, Paul Johnson (Chairperson of Killamarsh Residents Against Greenbelt Erosion) submitted a detailed objection to the application and over 90 other residents sent written objections.

Paul raised a wide range of valid points at the hearing sessions, many echoing similar arguments to those used for other large sites. He described how site KL1 is crossed by five footpaths, plus has open views on approach due to the sloping nature of the land and screening of houses by tree lines. This is very disappointing news for all at Killamarsh R.A.G.E at this stage. They are taking advice from MP, Lee Rowley and awaiting further details in the Inspector’s full report.