Dronfield is not a Sustainable Community for Large Scale Development

The district council have distributed a very high proportion of housing allocation to Dronfield, based on its “settlement hierarchy” which seeks to make large towns larger. The council presents Dronfield as a sustainable community based on its being the largest settlement in the north of the district. Size is a thoroughly crude and inaccurate measure of sustainability and is no substitute for doing infrastructure assessments in a timely way, simultaneously to drawing up housing allocations. As housing already constitutes such a high proportion of Dronfield’s size, the council’s reasoning behind such high housing allocation is invalid.

Dronfield is soon to lose its two remaining banks (Natwest and RBS), having already lost HSBC at the Civic Centre. This will render the town much less sustainable for those who don’t have or wish to use online banking facilities; a blow for several of the ageing population of Dronfield in particular. It also, crucially, renders it much less sustainable for local businesses requiring easily accessible banking facilities for depositing cash takings.