Concerns Regards Employment and Industrial Development

There is no clear plan for employment provision in Dronfield for the 860 new households. Callywhite Lane is not a key strategic site for employment. A link road connecting Chesterfield Road to the Callywhite area, would need to cut over Lee’s tip and the railway line. Thus, it is likely to be too costly for what it can deliver.

For years there have been empty units, vacant plots and derelict land scarred from the heavy industry of the past on Callywhite Lane which is not going to attract businesses employing large numbers of people. The effects of this plan will be to increase commuting out of the area which is already 61%. This is contrary to the NPPF which aims to provide jobs where people live.

Key Topics

  1. Protecting our Greenbelt and Local Community
  2. Loss of Recreational Space / Reduced Access to Countryside and Footpaths
  3. Loss of Farmland
  4. Environment and Wildlife
  5. Health and Wellbeing
  6. Transport and Infrastructure
  7. Schools
  8. Doctors
  9. Heritage
  10. Previous Coal Mining Activity
  11. The Fracking Threat
  12. Council
  13. Concerns regarding employment and industrial development
  14. Brownfield sites and vacant properties
  15. Dronfield Railway station
  16. Not suitable for a large scale development