Key points of objection

Protecting the greenbelt status of all 5 of the proposed housing sites around Dronfield is the most important element of our campaign. This key area of concern is a good place to start your letter of objection to NEDDC.

Our newly updated campaign leaflet gives a priority to these greenbelt issues and will give you the quickest overview if you’re considering how to start wording your objections. It also incorporates a map with the housing allocations for 5 sites on Dronfield’s greenbelt. This is a printable resource if you wish to share it with other residents, especially those without internet access.

More detailed information for each key topic of concern can be found by clicking on the links below. They are divided into specific topics, and will be added to as we go along, so do please keep checking the website. They are intended as a guide – feel free to use your own wording, and to add to them with your own local knowledge and research. We’ve included all the sources where possible, and places where you can find out more information.

Remember, you can send off more than one letter of objection per person, so if you think of a really good point just after you’ve sent your letter off, send a second (or even third!) letter. If you are in a household with more than one person, send one letter each, as opposed to one letter between you, as that will help to show the true extent of the objections.

Letters of objection must be received by 5pm Friday 7 April 2017.

Key Topics

  1. Protecting our Greenbelt and Local Community
  2. Loss of Recreational Space / Reduced Access to Countryside and Footpaths
  3. Loss of Farmland
  4. Environment and Wildlife
  5. Health and Wellbeing
  6. Transport and Infrastructure
  7. Schools
  8. Doctors
  9. Heritage
  10. Previous Coal Mining Activity
  11. The Fracking Threat
  12. Council
  13. Concerns regarding employment and industrial development
  14. Brownfield sites and vacant properties
  15. Dronfield Railway station
  16. Not suitable for a large scale development