How to Object Made Easy

We have made a simple template representation form for making objections to Greenbelt housing developments.

This can be used to make a very simple objection as in option 4 below, by just filling in your personal details and answering a few remaining questions. Alternatively, it can be used with our “How to Object” leaflets 1-4 as the basis for more detailed objections.



  1. If you would like to use this template in any way, please make sure you read it all carefully and agree to it before submitting it (details for this at the end of the form). It is especially important that you check the short answers we have provided in Questions 3 and 4. If you change the wording of these at all, make sure you stay within the 100 word limit ideally, or attach an extra sheet with extra information. You need to fill in part A (your personal details) and answers to questions 8 to 12 yourselves.
  2. There are two local apolitical groups who are compiling more complex and detailed group statements to submit: Dronfield Green Belt Residents’ Group and Dronfield Civic Society. Drafts of these will be available to view soon. We have added a sentence to our template in Question 4 for people to indicate their support for these more detailed group statements. Please delete or amend this sentence if you do not wish to support these statements.
  3. There is a collection point for representation forms at Coal Aston Village Hall. Anyone who has printed off or hand written forms to post can use this collection point. A local resident is going to ensure your comments reach the Council by hand delivering the representations to the Council offices in Wingerworth and obtaining a receipt.

There are 4 types of objection that people can submit – the first option takes greatest time and effort but will be the most effective. Subsequent options bear less and less weight but are still worthwhile. Our “How to Object” leaflets are based around 4 key themes that we believe are the most important things to focus on. You can use these to help you write good representations in categories 1, 2 & 3 below:

  1. Write several of your own individual objections using the forms or online system on the NEDDC website Make sure they are referenced to paragraphs / policies in plan and focus on the Council’s guidance note regards how to demonstrate whether the plan is sound and legally compliant. Include your own arguments that address each of the four themes we have covered in our “How to Object” 1-4 leaflets.
  2. Use the template objection as a starting point and make a number of additional objections yourself on separate forms (or under separate paragraphs using the online system) that expand on the key template points in more detail. Use the How to Object 1-4 leaflets and cover something from each of the four themes within your objections. Prioritise the lack of exceptional circumstances for Greenbelt development.
  3. Send the template objection in with some attached comments of your own to add detail to the basic answers we have provided in questions 3 and 4. Use the How to Object leaflets to help you with your additional comments.
  4. Send the template objection in without any extra arguments added (but make sure you agree with everything and that you’ve filled in section A and questions 8-12 yourself).