Land between Stubley Hollow and Stubley Lane

The Inspector has not included any modifications to this site, with 40 new houses proposed, in her interim report. This site was the hardest to defend from a Green Belt perspective, as it is not open countryside and a substantial part of it is bordered by housing. We’ll look for further detail in the fuller report as we collated information from representations made by local residents and raised the following concerns at the hearings:

  1. Release of Green Belt in this sensitive strip between Dronfield and Sheffield could set a future precedent.
  2. Suitable road access has not yet been outlined. The only level point of access would be from the already tricky junction of Stubley Lane and Stubley Hollow, plus large amounts of dense vegetation would need to be removed. A mini roundabout and suitably sited pedestrian crossing would perhaps be the preferred option from a traffic flow and vehicle and pedestrian safety point of view, but this has not been costed or discussed with the developers for contributions as far as we know. This may impact on viability.
  3.  The land is significantly raised above Stubley Hollow and Summerwood Lane and is not well contained, physically. Old stone-walling has all but crumbled away and earth slips into the road below. Restructuring works and / or appropriate layout of housing to ensure land stability / appropriate building foundations are not mentioned or costed.
  4. This site still requires ecological assessment. Dense vegetation borders much of the site, hence loss of natural habitats, biodiversity etc is a concern here.