Land north of Eckington Road, Coal Aston

The Inspector has ruled that this site (200 houses proposed) should NOT be released from the Green Belt and should NOT be built upon. Her reasoning centres around:

  1. Building on this site would harm the openness of the Green Belt: it would have a significant urbanising effect into open countryside. The Inspector has quoted findings of the Green Belt Functionality Study, which scored this area of Green Belt very highly; ‘clearly defining settlement extent and in places maintaining expansive vistas between these urban areas.’
  2. It would cause material harm to the Moss Valley Conservation Area and local landscape character.

This is great news for Coal Aston, the wider Dronfield community and for all those passionate about protecting the environment and halting climate change. Local people really came together to pool knowledge regarding the ecology and natural heritage here, not to mention the fact that an application for a single telephone mast had previously been declined by the Council due to the negative impact it would have on the openness of the Green Belt! We also pulled the District Council up on technical errors and misinterpretations in the Green Belt review regarding the nature of field boundaries and the extent to which the land has already been built upon.