Land between Shakespeare Crescent and Chesterfield Road

The Inspector has directed that PART* of this site should remain within the Green Belt (235 houses were proposed originally) to check unrestricted sprawl and to prevent the merging of Dronfield with Unstone. *The L-shaped field immediately below Shakespeare Crescent and the small field below this, adjacent to Unstone Farm, are to be protected.

Disappointingly, the Inspector has concluded that a smaller scale development on the two fields bounded by Burns Drive, Southfield Mount and Chesterfield Road “would relate more closely to the existing built up area of Dronfield and would enable sufficient space to be retained to maintain the identities of Dronfield and Unstone as separate settlements.” Nonetheless, she has noted that suitable road access needs to be clarified for this site to ensure housing can be delivered. She has also instructed the Council to clarify mechanisms for making road upgrades at Bowshaw roundabout and at the bottom of Green Lane and to identify how much money developers need to contribute for this work.

Our position is that this would still result in significant numbers of houses at the southern outer reaches of Dronfield, where new residents will be very car-dependent. We consider that this is a poorly sustainable site for housing and presented detailed arguments around this at the hearings. We also feel it encroaches on the countryside and could set a precedent for more development in the future. These lines of argument can be strengthened and used during the next consultation, and at the planning application stage as and when that arises.