Anyone out there worried about road safety for children around Dronfield Primary / Secondary Schools? Noticed parking and pedestrian safety getting worse around School Lane / Lea Road / roads near your school? Worried about the impact that almost 500 new homes on the Green Belt (at outer reaches of town where car use for school runs and the railway station is already high) would have? You’re not alone – Dronfield Greenbelt Group, Dronfield Civic Society, Safer Dronfield and School Governors are also concerned and speaking out on this.

But we need more people to stand up for our children’s future and safety to make a difference.

Please send objections to NE Derbyshire District Council before April 4th 2018. For details on how to do this, scroll down on the home page or call in to our drop-in session at the Peel Centre between 3 and 8pm Wednesday 28th March. This detailed objection that the group are sending in has gathered all the factual information that the Council have overlooked Rep – settlement hierarchy wrt school road safety. It also argues that there are much better sites for new homes in Dronfield and our District that will not impact so significantly on our kids’ safety.

Please act and please share. It doesn’t need to be a detailed objection.

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