Feb 14th Cabinet Meeting, District Council offices, Mill Lane Wingerworth. 10.am Decision made by cabinet members to adopt local plan and remove land from Greenbelt. Residents urged to attend.
March 5th Full District Council Meeting where objections to removal of Greenbelt land will be heard. 2 pm Mill Lane, Wingerworth
March 13th Local Plan consultation event. 4.30pm-7.30pm Dronfield Civic Hall.
March 15th Lee Rowley MP, residents meeting, 8.00pm Dronfield Civic Hall.
May 14th Local plan submission to examiner.

What can you do?

Email your objections in your own words to cabinet members before Feb 14th
Attend events and have your say.
Don’t leave it to someone else. From school places and doctors appts to increased traffic and council services. The over-development of our town will affect us all.

Cabinet members

Cllr Graham Baxter, cllr.baxter@ne-derbyshire.gov.uk
Cllr Betty Hill, cllr.hille@ne-derbyshire.gov.uk
Cllr Michael Gordon, cllr.gordon@ne-derbyshire.gov.uk
Cllr Nigel Barker, cllr.barker@ne-derbyshire.gov.uk
Cllr Jeff Lilley, cllr.jeff.lilley@ne-derbyshire.gov.uk
Cllr Pat Kerry, cllr.kerry@ne-derbyshire.gov.uk
Cllr Jane Austen, cllr.austen@ne-derbyshire.gov.uk

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