Golf Club withdraws one site from development plans

Hallowes Golf Club believes that the current situation in Dronfield regarding removal of land from greenbelt has had a detrimental effect on their membership therefore has withdrawn its land opposite the clubhouse off Hallowes Lane (site h in NEDDC’s draft Local Plan) from the call for sites for development. In the draft Local Plan NEDDC had proposed building 230 houses on this greenbelt land. The Golf Club’s decision now means that this land should remain in the greenbelt and continue to be used for golf rather than housing.

However, the Golf Club still intends to sell some of its greenbelt land for housing. (land off Southwood Avenue, site in the draft Plan – 190 houses). The Club also owns other substantial areas of land in and around Dronfield.

We will continue to do everything we can to prevent this site together with other land around Dronfield being removed from the greenbelt.

NEDDC – info from Phil Delaney, Principal Planning Officer
E-mail: Tel: 01246 217180

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