Email response from Lee Rowley

Earlier this month, Lee Rowley was emailed about a few of the issues regarding NEDDC proposed plans to remove greenbelt from the area and the lack of communications since the objection were placed by residents. The following is Lee Rowley’s response:

Thank you for your email and for raising the issue.

Like you, I have significant concerns about the draft local plan that was consulted upon earlier in the year.  The Council does seem to be going slowly with regards to the local plan but, at least on the specific point of whether you they will adopt the plan without any further discussion, they won’t.  The Council are forced to go through a number of further stages yet in a longer process and one of those stages will be coming back out to everyone with a revised plan which should take into account – to a greater or lesser extent – the comments of local residents.

In terms of detail on the process, you can find a diagram of the stages here: (go to page 10).  There is an eight stage process before a Council can adopt a local plan and the recent consultation just held was stage 3 of the process.  The Council are required to undertake at least one additional consultation – and this is the stage we are now waiting for them to start and which they look as though they are going slow on.

In terms of your local Councillors, I have been working with a number of them over the last few months on this issue and I know they share the same concerns as you regarding the plan.  Those Dronfield Councillors which are in my party are extremely concerned about the proposals put forward and have opposed them.  The ultimate decision, however, on the plan will be taken by the majority group at Council (Labour) once the plan has gone through all of the stages described.  I have significant concerns about the plan and will be pressing the leadership of the Council to try to improve it and reduce the loss of greenbelt and greenfields across the District before the final decision is taken.  Many of the sites proposed in Dronfield are thoroughly inappropriate and need a re-thinking in my view.  I hope the leadership of the Council will make changes to improve the plan.

I hope that helps.  If you are on Facebook, I post about the planning process on a fairly regular basis on my  The last update was last night when I wrote to the Leader of the District Council to ask for clarity on when the next stage would start.


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