NEDDC’s consultation response due soon

The District Council anticipates that the next stage of public consultation on the Local Plan will take place in “ Autumn 2017”. So we are eagerly awaiting their response to the many comments they have received from Dronfield residents’ objections to the removal of land from the greenbelt.

As well as individual objections from Dronfield residents:

  • Dronfield Town Council (DTC) have also objected to the draft Local Plan. Our Town Council requested an ‘extraordinary’ meeting with the District Council to discuss the removal of greenbelt but the District Council refused!!
  • Dronfield Civic Society has strongly opposed the plans to build on Dronfield’s Green Belt
  • Both our current MP, Lee Rowley, and our previous MP, Natascha Engel, have stated that they are against the removal of land from the greenbelt around Dronfield
  • The ongoing petition objecting to the plans now has thousands of signatures, if you wish to sign please let us know.

We hope that the District Council will listen to the views of local people and their elected representatives and that they will amend the Local Plan so that no land is removed from the greenbelt around Dronfield.

However, if the next version of the Local Plan still includes proposals to build on the greenbelt then we will step up our fight to protect our greenbelt and to make our District Councillors take the views of local people seriously.

If it comes to this, then we will be looking to mobilise all the support we can get. So please let us know if you want to help (please email or


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